Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Once Upon A Bathtime: Bomb Cosmetics' First Love Bath Mallow

There's no doubt about it - it is FREEZING! All I can think about to keep me warm is a relaxing hot soak in the tub, so there was no better time than monday night to try out Bomb Cosmetics' First Love Bath Mallow - one of the gorgeous bath and body goodies from my recent Bomb Cosmetics Haul (see post here).

Ready to be let loose!
I kind of didn't want to touch it in case I broke it!

This sweet, soft bath mallow is the cutest thing in the world. Made in the design of a cupcake, it looks good enough to eat and feels as soft as buttercream. By looking at it and feeling its texture, I got the feeling it would be a rich, slow-melting product, which is exactly what it has been described as. It gets 10/10 in terms of product aesthetics!

Just before the big drop

The product packaging advises you to run a warm bath and drop this in while the tub is filling up, so I did exactly that and took a quick pic before the big drop (above).

Within seconds of the drop...
Half way through the melting process...

Admittedly, at first, I was a bit disappointed - I expected to see a bath full of candy pink and sky blue waves, but it was white instead. Unfortunately, the visual effect of the mallow hitting the water was not quite what I was expecting, but I think this sort of product is more about the moisturising effects it has on the skin, and it looked pretty dreamy to me. Maybe the problem is that I am so used to 'ballistics' and so was looking for a bigger bang, if you see what I mean?

Although I was confused initially, once I actually got into the bath it was so creamy and gorgeous. It slowly melted away for a long time, which I liked, and its scent was subtle and relaxing.

So, overall, for a bath product of this size, I was impressed with the results and would like to try the bath mallows again. It wouldn't be a 'must have' repurchase, but I think it's great for a special treat after a long, cold day with dehydrated skin!

Would you try this product? What's your favourite bath treat? xxx


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