Saturday, February 16, 2013

Introducing the new power tool for your skin care kit: Medik8 Rechargeable Vitamin C Serum


Beauty bloggers read up on 'groundbreaking' beauty products pretty much every day, but it's not every day we find something that is actually new and innovative. However, today, at Cosmetic News Expo, I was genuinely thrilled to discover CE-Thione - Medik8's new water-based, oil-free, potent rechargeable 15% vitamin C serum.

And when I say rechargeable, I mean rechargeable. The way CE-Thione is formulated ensures that every drop of vitamin c provides equal freshness and impact, which is truly groundbreaking given that existing vitamin C products degrade pretty quickly if they haven't been used in a certain period of time.

The main benefits of using CE-Thione include daily antioxidant protection through the use of three powerful antioxidants (vitamin C, vitamin E & L-Glutathione) and prevention of skin ageing. However, the biggest plus point for me in a practical sense is that, unlike other products of this nature that leave the skin sticky post application, Medik8's formula glides on like a hydrator, which I can verify as I tested it today and was really pleased! For me, this aspect of the product really distinguished Medik8's topical vitamin C from any other.

I will definitely be buying this product, but will you? Have a look online at the product information here and let me know your thoughts below! xxx


  1. Hi hun :) u sent ur link to me on twitter.. I havent heard of this products before,, but it sounds great x

    1. Hi Yolanda! Thanks so much for checking my blog out - I was really impressed with this product and it was great I got a chance to try it too xxx

  2. This sounds great :D I saw Medik8 products on feelunique before but I didn't look into them. I'll have a look from now on :D

    Now following your blog :)


    1. Hi Cristina! Thanks so much - I have never tried anything by Medik8 before but was really impressed with this one :) So glad you liked the post and that you are following me - I am following you too :) xxx


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