Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Guest Post: Prep & Prime For Flawless Foundation

Be sure to remove all your makeup and use a night cream. If you have dry skin, add in a night serum or oil to hydrate your skin overnight - this will be a total lifesaver. 

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, put a clay mask on oily spots and keep it on overnight to clear pores and create a smoother base in the morning. But don’t skip out on night skincare if you have oily skin because you think it will increase the oil - your skin needs a break to recharge overnight with some moisturiser.

Although it’s always a good idea to exfoliate, don’t do it more than once per week. Exfoliation is great for removing dead skin cells from your face that foundation may cling to on application, but don’t overdo it or you may enhance the appearance of dry or oily spots.

Before applying foundation
Cleanse and use a toner - rose water toner is my favorite! Toner is an important step because it restores the balance to your skin. 

Next, you should use a primer. Primers are essential because they completely smooth out your skin and give your foundation a clean base to adhere to. They also help foundation to last longer. To create a smoother look, find a primer that has silicone in its ingredients list.

After applying foundation
When you’re done applying your foundation, it's sometimes nice to spritz more toner on your face because it sets your foundation and gives it a more skin-like, flawless appearance.

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This post was written by Kelly from A Thing of Beauty who won the third place prize in my guest post giveaway.


  1. I want to try some rose water toner, it always sounds amazing whenever I read about them on blogs xx


  2. Rose Water toner does sound lovely, I'd like to try it. Some good tips!

    Jess xo

  3. I personally think exfoliation is the key to a good base for foundation. I am an esthetician and nice even, clear skin is the best way to have foundation sit on the skin. Primer will lay down better if skin is free of extraneous skin cells. That doesn't mean you have to scrub or use masks every day, but it means you have to keep it up often. I use the Clarisonic in the morning and then use a regimen at night because I am in my 40's.

  4. I agree with exfoliation espeically if you have dry skin its a must for me especially around the nose area

    Ems xx


  5. I have always heard great things about the mint Julep mask but cant find it here in Canada. I have very dry skin so exfoliating and moisturizer is a must:)

    Sara xx

  6. Hey Natasha!
    We've heard great things about the mint Julep mask, hopefully we'll be able to find it somewhere in Singapore. A green mask is an essential for every girls pampering routine!

    we've nominated you for the very inspiring blogger award :)
    Samantha & Ashley

  7. I have oily skin & its really hard for me to get flawless foundation, so thank you for the tips. I will try the clay mask method :-)
    Btw, I found your blog from paint the UK pink blog hop & now i follow you via bloglovin <3


  8. i would love to try the smashbox primer !


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