Monday, April 29, 2013

Say hello to my first ever national newspaper article! #amaze

Just a short post today ladies and gents. I've been busy at work and also celebrating the highlight of my journalistic career so far - being published in the Daily Mail's Life & Style!

Thanks so much to all of you lovely bbloggers who congratulated me on Twitter earlier :)

Here is my article online if you'd like to have a read:

What do you think? xxx


  1. How amazing! Congratulations xxx
    Kirsty x

  2. Well done on the fab article, you should feel really proud of yourself! Xx

  3. Well done Natasha !!
    Congratulations ;) So happy for you :)

  4. Congratulations!!!! That's brilliant!!! That's sooo amazing! I can't imagine how proud you and your loved ones must be!
    LFA (lovefromangelic) Xx


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