Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bomb Cosmetics Haul Part 1: Bath Blasters

If you are thinking 'why on earth has she taken a picture of four doughnuts', then I wouldn't blame you.  But rest assured, as much as these four beautiful goodies look like ring-shaped cakes, they are bath blasters from one of my favourite bath/body retailers - Bomb Cosmetics.

I'm like a kid in a candy shop with bath bombs - every single colour, shape and smell appeals to me. So when I saw the Spring products on Bomb Cosmetics' website, I went a little bit crazy. Not to mention the more than half decent price tags. Who wouldn't indulge?!

Appleberry Butter Burst Bath Blaster (£2.29)

The first product I added to my shopping bag was the Appleberry Butter Burst Blaster. I was drawn firstly to the green, blue and purple colours, and secondly to the fruity fragrance.The Appleberry blaster has a blackberry scent and is infused with cocoa butter to moisturise, and pure grapefruit and black pepper oils to invigorate. The green part of the blaster smells of apple and has notes of caramel and vanilla to add an element of sweetness.

Pink Rhubarb Princess Whoopie Blaster (£2.99)

I'm so in love with the creative design of this 'whoopie' blaster, and that's definitely why I bought it. The Pink Rhubarb Pricess blaster has been inspired by the classic English rhubarb and blackberry crumble. It has been made with pure cocoa and shea butters, and is also infused with pure cedarwood and geranium oil.

Blackberry Sour Whoopie Blaster (£2.99)

Again I love the design of this one - it's basically the same as the Pink Rhubarb Princess blaster but has a stronger blackberry fragrance. Blackberry Sour is made with softening cocoa and shea butters, and is also infused with pure bergamot and chamomile oils.

Cranberry and Lime Blaster (£2.29)

This is a perfect bath blaster for Spring - it has such a fresh sweet but sharp fragrance and I love that it has fresh cranberry seeds in it. It's made with energising pure lime and marjoram oils and is supported by notes of raspberry, plum, peach, apple and white flowers.

What do you think of my new bath blasters? xxx


  1. Ahh these sound and look amazing! Love the sound of the cranberry and lime. Do the scents linger on the skin too? Xx

    1. They are just so nice and a lot of fun too. I actually tried out the cranberry and lime one the other day and it was lovely - smelled lovely and having the cranberry seeds there made it feel really fresh. I didn't notice the smell on me but it was definitely strong in the bath and in the bathroom x

  2. Gosh, how cute are these?! Great review, I love cute gimmicky stuff for my bath too, sadly my flat doesn't have a bath!

    I love the sound of the cranberry and blueberry!

    1. thanks lovely! yeah they are sooo lovely - i really would recommend the body scrubs and shower gels - the blackcurrant one is really nice and i've just bought a couple of other bits which i'll post about soon :) x


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