Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday Beauty Steal #4

After a 4-day working week, it's time for another beauty steal.

This Saturday, I've browsed the clearance section at Fragrance Direct - a beauty blogger favourite for bargain make-up, skin care and perfume - and found this beautiful Bourjois mono eyeshadow for an amazing £1.49.

What is it?
Bourjois Ombre Stretch Eyeshadow is a 2.5g powder-based product that has been designed for lots of blending and building. It's available in two spring-friendly shades - Bleu Elasthane (shown above) and Vert Etirable.

What do I like about it?
Well, first of all, I really rate the quality of Bourjois' products. Secondly, green and blue complement several different eye colours, making the eyeshadows very versatile. As someone with light brown eyes, I love green eyeshadow and could easily wear it daily.

I also love that it comes with its own expert brush and mirror; having these extras to hand makes application on the go simple.

Why is it a steal?
Given that Bourjois' Ombre Stretch Eyeshadow is made for beauty lovers to experiment with different looks, from the subtle to the extreme, just think about how many different looks you could get for under £2. What's more, 26 people rated the eyeshadow as long-lasting, 20 reported smooth application and 16 were happy with the colour payoff. This beauty steal is the real deal.

You can buy this Bourjois mono eyeshadow here.

What do you think of this week's beauty steal? xxx


  1. I like the vintage inspired packaging! I don't really shop on fragrance direct but after clicking your link I realised what bargains they have! x

    January Girl ♥

    1. I've never shopped on fragrance direct but I always love the products in other people's haul posts! Well worth having a haul on there :) x

  2. I have a mono eyeshadow in a creamy white shade and it's gorgeous! I love Fragrance Direct... I end up spending way too much money though xx

    1. That sounds lovely! I bet it's so easy to have a big spend up on there because everything is priced so decently. X

  3. I love fragrance direct, I've brought some real bargains from there lately. Who can complain at a £1.49 price tag!
    Off to have a snoop at their site now!! Damn you!!!! Lol
    Lou xx

    1. The prices are amazing for good quality products! Haha look forward to your haul post then ;) xxx

  4. Love bourjois make up, especially the eyeshadows, but have never bought anything from Fragrance direct...I'm off to check it out!


    1. Hope you get something nice! So many bargains there x


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