Friday, April 5, 2013

Mini Boots Haul

DISCLAIMER: It's official, I have no self-control. At all

But now I'm done with the post-haul guilt trip - YAY BOOTS 3 FOR 2! Come on guys - there's only so many haul posts a girl can read before she sticks on her best lippy and hits the town.

It would be rude not to get involved, so let's start with the bits I got in the 3 for 2 offer.

Cutipen Cuticle Remover (£4.35)

Cutipen is an affordable cuticle-removing pen that delivers a softening cream through the nib. This was the free product I got as part of the mix and match offer, and it's also the riskiest purchase as I've never bought anything like this before. But as it was only priced at around £4, compared to the nail and cuticle oils starting at around £6 and going up to about £12, I didn't really have much to lose.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer (£7.49)

I know a fantastic concealer when I see it, and I've been resisting the temptation to buy this Healthy Mix one from Bourjois for quite some time now! So I finally succumbed.

I bought the Healthy Mix concealer in Eclat Clair, which was the lightest shade of three as I always like to start light and build up with bronzer and blusher later on in my make-up routine. After seeing the product on my skin, I am pretty confident that I'll love it dearly. But will it replace my beloved Benefit Erase Paste? That is the question my friends...

Bourjois Queen Attitude Kohl Kajal (£6.99)

I don't even think I have the words to describe how beautiful this kohl eyeliner is from Bourjois. Ever since I clocked eyes on it on Tales Of A Pale Face, I've needed it in my life. I particularly love that it's a chunky eyeliner and has been designed almost like a lipstick. I really can't wait to try this! Watch this space for an EOTD on twitter :)

Now on to my additional purchase...I'm a bad person!

Boots Face Cloth White (£1.99 each)

Because one obviously is never enough, I bought two of Boots' own 100% cotton white face cloths. I've heard so many times that you shouldn't use the same towel for your face as you do for your body, and I really need to start looking after my skin in that respect. This would be perfect for use after a face mask or post cleansing with Philips' VisaPure electronic brush.

What have you bought from Boots lately? Do you like these products? xxx


  1. Guess I am the only one who haven-t tried Burjois healthy mix,but not for long :)The kohl eyeliner looks really good too

    1. It just looks so lovely and creamy and seems like it gives good coverage. The eyeliner is fab! Xx

  2. Haven't we been spending lately!! Lol :p
    I used the healthy mix foundation today and have to say that I'm liking it, might have to give the concealer a go! What's the staying power if it? The foundation lasts really well.
    Nice haul, I take it the spending ban hasn't started yet then?? xx

    1. We have been spending a LOT. I haven't used the concealer just yet but will definitely let you know - I tested it on my hand though and it looked like a longwear concealer for sure. It definitely hasn't started just yet, but for the sake of my sanity I need to start pronto! X


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