Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lush Emotional Brilliance: Ambition, Control & Glamorous

If I'm honest, although I adore Lush's products and philosophy, I really didn't expect much at all from the Emotional Brilliance make-up range. The brand undoubtedly offers amazing bath and body bombs, lotions and potions, but I think it just took me a while to warm up to the idea of Lush making lipsticks, blushers and eyeliners. Surely that's pushing it too far?

But boy oh boy was I wrong. I still can't quite believe how good the colour pay off is with every single product in the collection. It only took a swatch of a gold eyeshadow and a red lipstick to draw me in.

Here's more about my first three Emotional Brilliance products. I say my first three, as we all know I will be back before I can say 'step away from the shop'.


Ambition is a fiesty liquid lipstick that could be used as a blusher too for those who dare. Although Lush describe the colour as a pillar box red, I would say it's more on the orangey side of red.

But whatever colour the lipstick is, I can tell you it's absolutely gorgeous. It's highly pigmented, long-lasting and super moisturising, thanks to ingredients such as rose wax and organic jojoba oil.

What's more, according to the ladies at Lush, Ambition is one of the most versatile lipsticks in the Emotional Brilliance range as it suits multiple skin types. I'd definitely don this as a daytime lip look. 


Control was the first eye make-up product I was drawn to. It's a beautiful deep blue eyeliner that can also be blended to create a softer effect (if liquid lines don't do it for you). 

As I wasn't wearing anything on my eyes but mascara, I decided to give this one a go to see what the colour and effect were like and I was so pleased. It was very easy to apply and just one stroke of colour was strong enough on its own. It was so nice to have a blue liquid eyeliner rather than my usual black and I can really see this one becoming a make-up bag staple.

Ingredients include almond oil, rose petal infusion and glycerine. 


Glamorous is a vibrant 'bubblegum pink' liquid lipstick Although it has been made for use on the lips, I'm probably more likely to wear it as a blusher.

Now this one is a bit more 'out there' in terms of colour, but when blended on the face it doesn't look half as bright as it does on my hand. If you want the brightness though, you could easily build it up.

Just like Ambition, Glamorous is highly pigmented and the colour lasts a long time. This one is also based on a formula of jojoba oil and rose wax.

What can I say, I am a sucker for expensive pretty things (at £14.50 a pop, I must be!).

What do you think of these make-up buys? Do you love Lush Emotional Brilliance as much as I do? xxx


  1. Never knew Lush did make up! They look really well pigmented, but it doesn't seen you get alot for the money? Do you think their worth the price tag? Xx

    1. You wouldn't expect them too would you? They also do a mascara in the same sort of bottle which I found interesting. I would say they are quite expensive - I think they should definitely reduce the price to at least £10. But I do think they all last a pretty long time - you don't really need to layer the product much so it's probably not too bad if you look at cost per application xxx

  2. The shades are gorgeous but I am a bit surprised at te price points! Although the ingredients sound a lot nicer than the usual makeup products xx

    1. totally agree with you! shouldn't be 14.50 at all xxx


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