Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday Beauty Steal #7

How nice has the weather been lately? Well, aside from that weird patch of rain we had the other day. But the sun being out has got me thinking about holiday beauty and I was really excited when I stumbled across the Rimmel Colour Rush Trio Eyeshadow in Modern Glam. Especially as it is only 99p from Fragrance Direct. 

Yes, 99p!

What is it?
Rimmel Colour Rush Trio Eyeshadow is a palette of three soft and blendable powder-based eyeshadows. Wear time is claimed to be up to 8 hours and an applicator is included. The palette is available in Modern Glam (above), Dark Angel (greys and purple), Golden Eyes (golds and azure blue) and Tempting (greens and sky blue).

What do I like about it?
I love the idea of mixing the top two shades for a daytime look and then amping it up in the evening with the darker, smokier blue. You can play around with all three together and create a lovely eye look on summer nights out or to show off your tan on holiday.

Why is it a steal?
You can't deny that 99p is a bargain for three eyeshadows from a reputable beauty brand. Not only that - the shades are so wearable. You could use this palette for just about every occasion and create several different looks. All that for cheaper than one product at the pound shop. Seriously impressive stuff from Fragrance Direct yet again.

Buy Rimmel Colour Rush Trio Eyeshadow here.

What do you think of this week's beauty steal? xxx


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