Friday, June 7, 2013

May favourites: fragrance, skin and make-up

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I've been on a spending ban for over a month now. That's a serious achievement for a beauty addict like me.

Luckily, during the last month, I've discovered some serious beauty staples in my existing collection. May was the time to use them to the max. 

Here's my recent fragrance, skin care and make-up favourites.

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Eau de Parfum
La Petite Robe Noire is sweet but sensual and I think it has become my signature scent. Guerlain is all about luxury and quality and I'm so impressed with this fragrance. The sad thing is that it has nearly run out! Will I be able to wait another month to get a replacement?

Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel
Not only does the gel feel like heaven on the skin, it also warms up on application and then turns into an oil. This cleanser has the skin care X factor - it doesn't lather and turns into a soothing milky emulsion when rinsed off, leaving the skin silky smooth. I haven't been using this every day, but it's fab as an alternative cleanser for every other day.

Givenchy Prisme Blush
This is the first orange/coral blusher I ever bought and I didn't do it by halves when I went for the Givenchy Prisme. It has four different shades of orange and bronze and looks stunning in the palette and on the skin. It's such a beautiful blush for Spring/Summer.

Dr Hauschka Lemon Lemongrass Body Moisturizer
I'm still not sold on the seriously sweet smell of this Dr Hauschka body lotion, but the formula is incredible. It's not too thin and not too thick, it doesn't clog the skin and it spreads really well. When my spending ban is over, I'll be getting my hands on the lavender one! I can't wait.

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil
Knowing full well that I have oily skin, I was so scared to buy this product as I thought it would make it worse. But I was wrong - the Lotus oil is for oily/combination skin and balances it out. It smells amazing and it's great for an overnight skin care special treat. You only need a tiny amount per use, which makes it well worth the money. And as it's made by Clarins, it goes without saying that the quality is high.

What were your favourite products last month? xxx


  1. Loving the sound of the Clarins facial treatment oil :)

    Love Kate at prettylittleus


    1. If you've got oily/combination skin it's a must have product. Smells lovely too xxx

  2. They all sound really lovely, especially the Lemon Lemongrass body moisturiser and Lotus Face Treatment Oil xx

    1. The lemon lemongrass moisturiser is fab - fantastic formula! And the lotus oil is so lovely too :) x

  3. Good luck on your spending ban. It must be hard! I have had a spending ban only on department store brands for about a year but I finally caved last week on an Estee Lauder BB Cream:)
    I've tried the Dr. Haushka and I agree it's such a good formula! I love the scent too..
    Please check out some of my looks on!!

    1. Thanks so much! It's pretty tough - so tempting to go and have a spree but I do have so much here at home. Absolutely love the Dr Hauschka and no doubt I'll be buying another bottle at the end of my ban xxx

  4. I love Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil :)

    Nyss xx

    1. That's because you have great taste my lovely :) xxx

  5. Clarins skincare is the best. I have been using the daily exfoliating cleanser and swear by it. Also the hand and nail cream is a must.
    Adela x

    1. I have a sample of the hand and nail cream and I'm a fan. The exfoliating cleanser is lovely xxx


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