Sunday, March 31, 2013

NOTD: Scarlet Leather

It makes me feel like a total newbie to admit that this is my first ever 'texture' nail polish, but if I'm honest I just haven't been that blown away by the look of most of them. However,  I've seen the Nails Inc Leather Effect polishes floating around in the blogosphere and decided it was time to break out of my matte/shiny comfort zone.

When I first put it on, I really loved the colour and effect, but it was so strange to feel my nails being so dry! Despite the weird dryness, I think the colour of the polish and its effect are really beautiful. Makes me feel pretty in an old-school glamour way.

However, unfortunately, even with 2 coats, it started chipping almost immediately and has got worse as time goes on. You would think that a textured polish wouldn't chip as easily as a 'normal' one, but it makes me sad that every time I check my nails there is another chip! What's a girl to do? 

Overall, I'm glad I got the polish and made my my first trip to textured effect world, but I don't think I'd buy another one. Unless I come across any beautiful liquid sand polishes some time soon, and something tells me I will!

What do you think of this leather effect nail polish? xxx


  1. It probably chipped because you applied the polish a little too close to the cuticle, try applying a little higher so it doesn't come into contact with the skin :)

    1. Aah I see! Thank you I'll try that next time x

  2. I can't decide whether or not I like the effect type nail polishes but this looks like a pretty colour xx

    1. Thanks :) it looks better than it feels. I think i quite like the effect but it's not an easy one to apply x


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