Friday, March 1, 2013

Dove launches new body, skin & hair care products

Last night I was lucky enough to explore the House of Dove and pick up some new skin, hair and body products with the lovely Grace from All That Slap and Kat from Tales Of A Pale Face

The event, held over three floors at London's Six Fitzroy Square, was called Have You Discovered The Dove Difference? We were welcomed in with a lovely glass of bubbly and pure white product displays, and made our way up to the first floor to visit the compressed deodorant room.


The unique selling point with the compressed deodorant range is that it has been proven to last as long as the bigger cans (48 hours), with less packaging, reducing the Unilever aerosol carbon footprint by 25%.Whereas the bigger cans have 150ml, each compressed can has 75ml. Both cost £2.49.

I was really impressed with the technology behind the deodorant, but I will continue to use roll-on products as I do think these last longer and do a better job. I would be really interested in a 'compressed' roll-on product though, as this would take up less space in my bag and offer more bang for my bucks.

Not only was the product interesting, but the room was SO much fun and really creative. It had an alice in wonderland vibe, which was created intentionally to make us feel 'compressed'. The room was full of oversized objects, including a huge mirror, an enormous deodorant can, and a massive chair, which we all had a go of sitting on!

The lovely lady taking the photos on our phones for us also took a polaroid photo, which was so cool and retro. We got talking about sticker and label machines, which was a laugh and a blast from the past! 


The next floor was home to the new, revitalised three-step hair ritual range. In this room, I had the rare opportunity to have my hair analysed. I scored a shameful 6 out of 10, where 10 was the worst score and 1 was the best; however, the great thing was that I was 'prescribed' the intensive care therapy range to care for my distressed, damaged locks.

Other ranges available in the hair care ritual programme are Daily Care, Nourishing Oil Care, Colour Radiance, Heat Defence, Volume, Silk & Sleek and Pro Age.

All products are priced from £2.69.


Dove Hair Care has also launched two new products for the purpose of intensive repair. The first product is an interesting self-warming mask, which is said to restore hair at the deepest level to make it 'up to 10 times more resilient'. Then there is the rinse-off shot treatment, which helps to repair any damage and provide deep nourishment in just 60 seconds.

To highlight the 60-second treatment shot, there was a really fun part of the room where a celebrity hair stylist (err hello, clients include Thandie Newton and Jessica Chastain!) styled people's hair in just 60 seconds. Amazing stuff.

The final destination on our journey of discovery was the floor dedicated to skin and body cleansing. The rooms on this floor highlighted the launch of the Go Fresh Restore Beauty Cream Bar (2x100g, £1.67) and Body Wash with Blue Fig & Orange Blossom, which smells bloody fantastic (250ml, £2.30).

There was also a new product for those with sensitive skin who want a product without fragrance - the Pure & Sensitive Beauty Cream Bar (2x100g, £1.67).

Last but not least is the Limited Edition Beauty Blossom Nourishing Body Lotion (250ml, £3.99) and Nourishing Body Cream (3.29). Both have the uplifting, invigorating scent of orange blossom to get you ready and in the mood for the summer months.

What do you think of these products? Do you rate Dove? xxx


  1. Oh you have no idea how much I love Dove's Go Fresh deo. :D x

    1. I love the fruitiness and creaminess of their products! Xxx

  2. I'm loving their hair range at the moment with the oil additions. I'm really excited about the intense treatment!

    1. Their hair range is lovely - especially the hair masks. Can't wait to try the self-warming mask! X


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