Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday Beauty Steal #2

It's the mother fricking weekend! This means one of two things - it's time to chill and catch up on the blogs, but it's also time for my second Saturday Beauty Steal, and this week's one is worth waiting for.

I've chosen the Nip + Fab Limited Edition Oily Skin Fix set, which is only £8.50 down from £15.95 on ASOS. That's a whopping 47% reduction for a high-quality range of products.

What's included in the set?
The three-part limited edition Oily Skin Fix set comes with Clean Fix Gel, Shine Fix and Spot Fix. Clean Fix Gel is a foaming gel cleanser infused with apple amino acids, Shine Fix is a mattifying gel that regulates and absorbs excess oil, and Spot Fix is a gel that targets blemishes and reduces their appearance.

What do I like about the set?
I might be a bit biased as I do have oily skin, but I have found gel cleansers to be really great at removing dirt and make-up residue, so the Clean Fix Gel sounds intriguing to me. With the Clean Fix Gel, I also love that it is made with apple amino acids, which is an essential, protective ingredient. What I like about the Shine Fix and Spot Fix is the product size - they are perfect handbag antidotes to skin imperfections and quick fixes in any case. From experience with gel products, you really don't need to use that much per application, which also gives you more for your money.

Why is it a steal?
Well first of all, it's almost 50% off its original price, and it's also a limited edition set for a skin type that many of us have. Secondly, Nip + Fab products such as the Shine Fix usually start retailing at £9.95 and can go up to £20+. That means you are getting three full-size products for less than one on its own as normal. Not to mention Nip + Fab really have great skin care products - what a steal!

What do you think of this week's beauty steal? xxx


  1. Such a good post I'll definitely be buying this! x

    1. Thanks so much! It really is a great price and brand x


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