Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday Beauty Steal #10

I've been on a bit of a beauty mission for the last few months to find the perfect coloured liquid eyeliner. Aside from those in LUSH's Emotional Brilliance range, I can never seem to find any bright colours to play with. All I see on the shelves are the usual suspects - black, navy, silver, green and gold.

But then I stumbled across Max Factor's Max Effect Dip-In Eye Shadow in Ultra Violet for an amazing £1.49 at Direct Cosmetics.

What is it?
Max Factor's Max Effect Dip-In Eye Shadow is essentially a long-lasting shadow/liner with high pearl and colour pigments. It does what it says on the lilac tin - you dip it in and sweep it on. Other colours for £1.49 aside from Ultra Violet are Moody Blue (sky blue) and Party Lime (lively light green).

What do I like about it?
You don't see a light purple shadow/liner like this every day - so it's refreshing to see Max Factor (which is becoming one of my favourite highstreet beauty brands for lips and eyes) bring colours like this to market. Also, the fact that it's a product that could be used as either a shadow or a liner is a big draw in itself - it means you can create different looks using one product, going from full-on colour to a funky cat eye.

Why is it a steal?
I would say that Max Factor is a high-quality brand (hello color elixir lipsticks!), so to find a beautiful coloured eyeliner like this for less than two packs of polos is a real bargain. The Dip-In Eyeshadow is all about simplicity, using one block colour and adopting several application styles. And if what they say about colours enhancing your mood is true, you're in for a real sweet treat with Ultra Violet.

You can buy the Max Factor Max Effect Dip-In Eyeshadow here.

Do you like this week's beauty steal? xxx

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