Friday, May 3, 2013

Guest Post: Anti-cellulite Coffee Scrub

If you've ever lived alone, then I know you can appreciate some of the many activities you get to do on a daily basis that you wouldn't be able to do if you had a flatmate. For example, you can leave dishes in the sink for as long as you want (though I wouldn't - I'm a clean freak), can rearrange furniture to your heart's content, and naked Tuesdays become naked everyday.

For those of you who have strolled through your place in the buff - and don't like, I know you have - I bet you passed a mirror and stopped to check out your hot bod.

It was one one of these nudey pass-bys that I saw something I'd never seen before. What I saw was so frightful - I stopped in my tracks staring with my mouth agape.

I'm pretty confident with my body normally, but it seems I'd been letting myself go. Those tell-tale dimples of cellulite had begun to make themselves at home on my derriere and upper thighs. And cellulite isn't good no matter how you slice it, so I immediately got down to some DIY business to kick that cottage cheese butt to the curb.

The Dirty Deets On Dimple Development
 For those of you who aren't quite sure how cellulite develops, here's the Cole's Notes version. 

When fat begins to build up in your dermis (the deep layers of your skin), it causes your blood flow to become restricted and circulation to falter. Your fibrous tissue starts to press up against your fatty deposits, and the resulting fluid build-up results in cellulite's appearance.

Since your bum and thighs typically store more fat cells than other parts of your body, this is where you will likely see cellulite form. Your level of exercise and choice in diet play a crucial role in cellulite formation, but even with regular activity and clean eating fat deposits can build up. This si where my hand DIY comes in.

Caffeinate Your Way To C-Free Skin
 All you need is a few simple ingredients to make my amazing cellulite-smashing scrub.

Gather together:
1/2 cup of caffeinated ground coffee (must be caffeinated - if you normally drink decaf, this scrub won't give you an energy boost, so don't fret!)
1 tablespoon white sugar
2–3 tablespoons of olive or coconut oil (i prefer coconut because it smells pretty!)
2 teaspoons of vitamin E oil or 4–5 capsules

The process for this scrub is nice and simple:

Step one
In a medium-sized bowl, add together all of your ingredients

Step Two
Mix them until they are evenly blended together (see below)

Step Three
Hop in the shower for 5-10 minutes to help open up your pores. The more open they are, the better this scrub will work.

Step Four
Using your hands, scoop some of your scrub and rub it into your skin. Put a little power behind your scrub and do so in circular motions.

Step Five
Once you have scrubbed one cellulite area, wrap it with plastic wrap. Move to your next zone and do the same. Once you are all wrapped up, let it soak in for 10 minutes.

Step Six
Remove all of your plastic wrap and rinse off. Do not use soap though.

Step Seven
Follow up your anti-cellulite shower scrub by using your favourite moisturiser

Why This Works
Coffee is rich in antioxidants and, of course, caffeine. Both of these things rid your skin of free radicals and stimulate blood flow and circulation, which ultimately smoothes and firms your skin.

Sugar is also a great natural exfoliant. Regular exfoliation helps cellular turnover and improves the appearance of your pores.

Finally, your oils help moisturise and nourish dehydrated skin to restore it to its natural state. 

Don't be surprised if you look a little raw and red after this scrub. This is to be expected, but in half an hour you will be looking smoother than ever.

You can't beat this scrub. It's cheap and works like a charm.


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  1. Fab post hun, might give this a go xx

  2. I have heard coffee is good for cellulite which I have :-( I might try this out, hope it works! Great post xx

    1. It's tempting to try it isn't it! Looks really simple to do and think I might give it a go myself xxx

    2. How often do you recommend doing this?


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