Sunday, May 12, 2013

Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Primer

If I'm honest, when I was first given this sample as part of the Debenhams gift with purchase offer, I wasn't really interested in it. 'A primer is a primer,' I thought. But then I tried it the next morning and quite literally ate my baby pink shorts. The truth is that, if I didn't take this primer as one of my four small gifts, I would have missed out. Big time.

The primer comes in a classic Clarins red shiny pot engraved with a white product description and ingredients list. Then, when you twist open the lid, you see the above: a soft pink cream.

I was quite surprised that the primer was pink as well because I usually associate base products with white or clear colours and a lotion-like texture. But when I actually used it on my face, I was blown away by its smoothing and resurfacing ability. It didn't even leave a greasy texture and my foundation and concealer didn't make the primer disappear or move. It was also light and easy to apply.

I didn't need more than two tiny 'pearls' of product to cover my whole face and it did an amazing job with the pores around my nose, cheeks and chin.

After being sceptical about the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Primer at first, I am now converted and think I've found my ultimate primer. Admittedly the new Garnier blur product is probably a great dupe, there's just something about this one that will keep me coming back for more. It does cost £26 for 15ml, but it is well worth a try and lasts ages.

Ingredients include vitamin E to protect the skin and acacia micro-pearls to moisturise and create a 'smooth' skin effect.

You can even mix it in with your foundation!

Would you give this product a try? xxx


  1. Sounds pretty good, if it's similar to Garnier's Miracle Blur! I hope that last one launches soon here... I can't wait to try it. But maybe in the meantime I should give this one a go.

    1. Yeah definitely! You don't need much and it completely blurs any imperfections. Well worth it x


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