Sunday, August 18, 2013

Beauty Launches: Artdeco, Lancôme & Bobbi Brown

Artdeco Cream Rouge in Creamy Pink, £12

Artdeco Cream Rouge in Creamy Orange, £12

Lancome DreamTone Serum (Fair Skin), £69

Bobbi Brown Rich Chocolate Eye Palette, £39.50

Is it any wonder our bank accounts are suffering when the best beauty brands are bringing out gorgeous launches left, right and centre?

I'm especially in love with the look of the Artdeco cream-to-powder blushes for cheeks and lips and the neutral but dazzling Bobbi Brown Rich Chocolate eyeshadow palette. 

Will you be buying any of these new beauties? xxx


  1. I have the BB Rich Chocolate Eye Palette. I cannot wait to review it. It looks great! I want to try the Lancome Dream Tone serum too. The ingredients in it look interesting though. Nothing screams "make my skin look super".

    1. Ooh do send me your link if you review the palette - it does look absolutely gorgeous! X


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