Thursday, August 8, 2013

Botox Parties: Why They Should Be Banned

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What many people don't know about Botox is that it's a prescription medicine. That means it can only be administered by registered doctors, dentists and nurses. 

It cannot be shared among friends in a game of pass the parcel, and it cannot be used and thrown away like a disposable razor. Yet several clinics and salons around the UK continue to offer party packages using Botox as a centrepiece for one reason - money.

I won't beat around the wrinkle-free bush - I absolutely disagree with the entire concept of Botox parties. The bottom line is that vulnerable people are being put at risk. After all, when you strip it down, a powerful toxin is being injected into the face, which is the most visible part of the body. Pointing and shooting is not an option. 

Those thinking about having Botox are also entitled to a face-to-face, tailored consultation to see if they are suitable for treatment. However, instead of treating 'guests' case by case, Botox parties offer a group consultation, where several vulnerable women could be giving their consent for treatment under the influence of alcohol, as a result of being offered an incentive or following bouts of peer pressure. 

Put it this way - never would you see a group of diabetics sipping champagne and dancing around the insulin in their handbags, nor would you see anyone singing to a soundtrack of Roaccutane pills being popped out of a packet. Just imagine the danger that could be caused when you mix alcohol, needles and unscrupulous health professionals. It has got to stop.

And the shocking thing is, the party 'host' (who is offered a discount for his/her treatment) will receive a loyalty card to encourage further appointments. That's right, having your face injected is being likened to eating chicken at Nandos, getting your eyebrows threaded at Shavata and having your nails done at the salon round the corner.

Take it from me, there are hundreds of professional and ethical nurses and doctors out there who wouldn't touch Botox parties with a barge pole. They are not safe.

If you have serious concerns about wrinkles and have thought about having Botox, make a face-to-face appointment at the clinic or with the practitioner in question, and leave your Botox party invitation where it belongs - in the bin.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on Botox parties, and I'm open to all opinions. Have you been to one?  Have you ever thought about going to one? Have you hosted one? xxx


  1. I totally agree! I know for a fact that if I we're to attend a Botox party where wine was flowing I would not doubt say " oh go on then" and let my face be injected ina heart beat. But in the cold heart of daylight would think long and carefully and fully researching the side effects and doctor/nurse credentials before getting it done!
    Great post!

  2. Such a good post and I have been invited to one in the past but never went xx

    Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk xx


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