Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Currently Obsessed With #1 Topshop Aurora Nail Polish

It's rare you find a nail polish that ticks every box - colourful, easy to apply and chip-free - but I've found one to top them all. Aurora is so far up my beauty street that I've given it a parking space and keys to my flat. From the packaging to the polish itself, it delivers.

First of all, I love how all of Topshop's nail polishes have white tops to let the colour of the polish shine. The iconic polka dot pattern on the top also gives it character and you can instantly see it's part of the Topshop range.

Then you have what's inside the bottle. The brush applies the multi-toned gold evenly and no gloopyness can be seen. Because of this, you only need two coats before your top coat - and I would highly recommend Seche Vite, as it made my polish last so much longer than it usually would.

I think it's such an all-year-round colour and, although it's shiny, it's a great colour for wear at work, the beach and for drinks with the girls.

And all of this comes at a price of £6. You can thank me later!

What's your favourite metallic nail polish? xxx


  1. I have to admit, I am liking the look of this xx


    1. It's gorgeous! I've also got Mermaid and Suffuse - they are all stunning x

  2. Love the colour! So pretty! :)

  3. It looks so shiny. I definitely have to try the Topshop range of polishes!
    Siobhan Marie x

    1. Well worth trying! So many to choose from too x

  4. This looks gorgeous! Again I still haven't tried any top shop nail polishes because I'm spoilt for choice :) xx


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