Thursday, August 22, 2013

All About Plum: Lips, Nails & Fragrance

If there's one hue on everyone's mind in the lead up to A/W 13, it's plum. And after discovering these three beauty gems, it's safe to say I'm pretty obsessed with it too.

MAC's Rebel Satin Lipstick looks a lot darker than it is - when you put it on your lips, it actually has a really flattering pink shade to it. It's quite a matte lipstick though, so I'd make sure your lips are hydrated and flake-free to perfect your pout.

Then we have the stunning Plum Eau De Parfum by make-up artist Mary Greenwell, which I have to say is even better than Lemon. I never, ever thought I would say that, but there's something about the Plum scent that is so comforting and warm. I will definitely need to repurchase this when it runs dry.

The third and final plum product is the Mavala nail polish in Milano, which funnily enough also looks a lot darker in the bottle than it is on the nails. It's a gorgeous colour and has a lovely finish - my only bug bear is the size of the bottle!

What's your favourite plum beauty buy? xxx


  1. Some lovely bits there, I've never worn plum I don't think it would suit me. Maybe I should dabble with a nail polish first? :/
    The perfume sounds gorgeous!

    1. Definitely try a nail polish - I love the Mavala ones. I reckon MAC Rebel would suit you x

  2. I'm not sure plum would suit me as I am so pale xx

    Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk!

    1. Try a nail polish and have a spritz of the Mary Greenwell fragrance if you can :) x

  3. I am obsessed with plum come autumn, I have yet to branch out into lipsticks but I love the look of this one! I might have to have a look and see what boots has in stock!

    Jen xx

    1. Revlon's black cherry lipstick looks lovely for fall too. Definitely worth trying the Mavala nail polish x


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