Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Scent of Summer

Summer scents call for three things: freshness, vibrancy and deliciousness. A fairly recent trip to Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge introduced me to a limited edition fragrance that ticks all three of these sunny boxes - Daisy Delicious by Marc Jacobs - and I've been spritzing it ever since. 

Its packaging is bright and fun with bright pink, teal and peach daisies, like a festival flower band. The glass bottle and gold applicator match the other Daisy fragrances, and the scent is fruity and light - the perfect combination for wear and duration at this time of year. 

I thought I loved the original Daisy the most, but this one is a close second. Next time a Marc Jacobs limited edition fragrance comes out, I'll be purchasing one immediately.

Have you tried this limited edition perfume? Do you like Marc Jacobs Daisy?


  1. OOh I have this and it is delightful, I love it. I really want Pink Honey and the new Daisy Fragrance now x

  2. I love these bottles! I really like the scent of the Honey one, but I'm sure this one smells lovely too.

  3. I don't own this, but I did smell it last time I was at the mall. It's really good, I'm thinking about picking up a bottle :-)


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