Friday, June 20, 2014

It's Time For A Clear Lipgloss Revival

Credit: Andres Hernandez

One of my earliest beauty memories is sitting at the back of the classroom and digging deep into my school bag to find my ultimate 90s beauty companion - clear lipgloss. 

I was obsessed with it. I'd go through tubes and tubes of the stuff, buying a new one every few weeks with my ever so precious £5 weekend pocket money. Whether it was a tube, pot or rollerball, if I didn't have it I wanted it. It made me feel like a rebel, sticking two fingers up to the no-make up rule, thinking I could fool the teachers with my glistening pout. It didn't work so well on the day I tried purple mascara for the first time, but that's a whole other story.

My ultimate favourite clear lipgloss was the Bourjois Effet 3D, closely followed by the L'Oreal Glam Shine pot. And I always remember being envious of those who could afford Dior's Addict Ultra Gloss.

But where has my old beauty friend gone? Why have I neglected it all these years? 
It wasn't until I saw someone on the tube applying the gloss of days gone by that I found myself feeling nostalgic. 

Ladies, I think it's time for a clear lipgloss revival. Because really, what's not to love?

Join me, and let me know what your favourite clear lipglosses were/are!

What's your earliest beauty memory?


  1. Natural collection, clear lipgloss in vanilla... mmmm

  2. It was Body Shop lip balms at my school, I remember putting loads on for my Year 11 leavers photo. It looks like my lips are made of glass and I thought the 'boys' will like it and it turns out they were revolted by it!

  3. I used to swear by the Miss Sporty clear gloss! Havent bought a colour-free lip product in years! x

    lillies and lipbalm


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