Thursday, January 16, 2014

Oscar Nominations - Best Of Beauty

Ask me what the film of the year should be at the 2014 Oscars, and I'll spend hours umming and aahing about whether Philomena's charm matches American Hustle's pizazz. But if what you want is names of the leading and supporting actresses who beat Hollywood down to the ground in the beauty arena, I'll have three names for you as fast as you can say 'and the winner is'.

Feast your eyes on these gorgeous girls...

NOMINATION: Amy Adams, The Fiery Redhead
FILM: American Hustle

Two words - the hair. Amy Adams' fiery red locks have got me searching the aisles for flame-inspired at-home hair dyes. In the words of Alicia Keys: 'That girl is on fireeee.'

NOMINATION: Sanda Bullock, The Chiseled Chiquita
FILM: Gravity

When it comes to porcelain skin and beauty with structure, nothing comes close to Gravity's space goddess Sandra Bullock. If you can look that good in the middle of the universe, you definitely need an award. Un. Real.

NOMINATION: Margot Robbie, The Blonde Bombshell
FILM: The Wolf of Wall Street

Margot oozes Bond girl sex appeal in The Wolf of Wall Street. She's achieved the perfect blend of softness and girl power. I dare you to disagree...

What's your favourite Oscars beauty look? xxx


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